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A nation's cybersecurity posture mirrors individual cyber readiness

Your business and nation prosper together when you stay protected.

The current cybersecurity statistics of Canada

Source: Comparitech

Recent cyber attacks in Ontario

A major bookstore chain

The shutdown of company’s website disrupted digital operations such as online payments, returns, gift cards.

A top-tier pediatric healthcare institution

The ransomware attack caused delays in receiving lab and imaging results, leading to longer patient wait times.

A reputed public school board

The cyber incident resulted in a network shutdown, causing the cancellation of online classes and test

A premier gaming and entertainment company

Closure of physical and virtual locations led to revenue loss

A prominent packaged protein food company

System outage disrupted business, costing millions in restoration, lost sales, overtime, spoiled inventory, and expert fees.


The government’s role in improving national cybersecurity

Strong cyber security is an essential element of Canadian innovation and prosperity. Individuals, governments, and businesses all want to have confidence in the cyber systems that underpin their daily lives. The Government of Canada envisions a future in which all Canadians play an active role in shaping and sustaining our nation’s cyber resilience.

To realize this vision, the Government of Canada and its partners work together across three themes:

Security and resilience

Through collaborative action with partners and enhanced cyber security capabilities, the federal government will better protect Canadians from cybercrime, respond to evolving threats, and defend critical public and private sector systems.

Cyber innovation

By supporting advanced research, fostering digital innovation, and developing cyber skills and knowledge, the federal government will position Canada as a global leader in cyber security.

Leadership and collaboration

The federal government, in close collaboration with provinces, territories, and the private sector, will take a leadership role to advance cyber security in Canada and will, in coordination with allies, work to shape the international cyber security environment in Canada’s favour.

In a dynamic cyber security environment, the Government of Canada’s approach will be rooted in a sustained commitment to:

Protect the safety and security of Canadians and our critical infrastructure

Promote and protect rights and freedoms online

Encourage cyber security for business, economic growth, and prosperity

Collaborate and support coordination across jurisdictions and sectors to strengthen Canada’s cyber resilience

Proactively adapt to changes in the cyber security landscape and the emergence of new technology

How can you help?

In addition to the government’s role in improving the nation’s cybersecurity posture, businesses also need to take proactive measures to protect their IT assets from various threats. By collaborating with reliable MSSP partners like Pathway, companies can utilize advanced security solutions to mitigate cyber threats and protect their systems and data from attacks. When individuals and businesses like you stay protected and functioning, the overall cybersecurity posture of Canada can be improved.

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